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School supplies

The Restevek (house slaves) children in this community are not given the opportunity to attend school. The women's coalition is providing a school environment to these children where school is not an option. Many of these Restevek children have never held a pencil or scissors before. You can help bridge that educational  gap for these children. 

Entrepreneur kit

Youth that find themselves with little to no education have limited skills that fit the marketplace, leaving them vulnerable to the sex trade. This initiative is a late intervention for these youth to gain skills in viable micro business ventures. You can provide a child with the training, kit, and supervision for them to be successful in the marketplace.  

Community #1 Projects

Community #2 Projects


Sponsor the lunch program

The students that come to school get lunch daily, which is typically their only meal for the day.  As the student body increases in size, the current budget will be inadequate. You can better the cooking conditions as well as feed these youth refugees their one meal a day. 

Sponsor a teacher

The teachers at the school are not currently earning a living wage at their $37 a month salary. In order for this school to continue to thrive, the teachers need to be earning a wage that can support their basic necessities. You can help insure better education by sponsoring teacher salaries.

Hand washing Station

You successfully assisted the church/school in eliminating disease and illness by installing a new bathroom facility. You can now further help the community cut down on the spread of disease and lift the community culture by helping fund the installation of privacy doors and a hand washing station. 

Community #3 Projects


Paving the Way

 The universal mode of transportation in Haiti is motorcycle.  The roads are frequently either too muddy to navigate, or so rocky that they damage the motorcycles.  As crops are transported over these roads, what little profit is made is easily lost in motorcycle repairs and damaged goods.  This project partially pays for bags of cement so that they can pave an 18 inch wide road that will make easy passage for motorcycles.  Neighbors come together and pave 10 to 20 feet at a time, smoothing out the roughest portions of the roads. Purchasing the bags of cement on their own just isn't financially possible yet just giving the bags away requires no sacrifice on their parts. Partially purchasing the cement creates ownership and pride in their work along with community building as they build roads together.

Community #4 Projects


Gift a lamb

  Much good comes from selfless acts of generosity or kindness. In an effort to jumpstart this process in communities where brotherhood and sisterhood has been absent for a long while, your donations have begun this process of giving between neighbors with Gift a Lamb. Each family that receives an ewe, is invited to donate the first offspring to their neighbor with the promise that they too will do the same. With this budding tradition, it is helping the communities grow and celebrate with abundance.



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